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сообщение 25.8.2011, 13:28
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Ziggo and HBO to launch Dutch premium services

12.09 Europe/London, August 22, 2011 By Robert Briel


Broadband TV News understands that HBO and Dutch cable operator Ziggo are preparing the launch of a Dutch premium movie and TV series channel under the HBO brand. The offer could include the HBO Go service bringing content to multiple screens including iPads.

Preparations for the new services seem to be at an early stage with international executive search firm Ebbinge recruiting members for the team of managing directors including a general manager, financial, sales and marketing executives. Just recently, the various job openings were advertised, but have since been withdrawn as the various positions are apparently filled. Although no name for the company involved was mentioned, Broadband TV News received confirmation that the recruitment was for the new HBO office in the Netherlands for which job interviews were held at the Ziggo HQ in Utrecht, home of the country’s largest cable operator.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for Ziggo said there was no statement to be made. Similarly, a spokesperson for HBO denied to discuss the matter.

Rumours about a possible HBO venture in The Netherlands started to circulate when buyers from Dutch broadcasters visiting the MIPTV market last April found there were suddenly no new programmes available for the Dutch market without a reason being given by the HBO sales force.

The joint venture between HBO and Ziggo comes to no surprise as the two companies have been working together for some time on the HBO On Demand S-VOD service since late last year.

It seems likely that HBO Netherlands will launch a multiplex of digital channels, both in SD and HD alongside the lines of similar offerings in Central Europe and the US. It could also include a Dutch version of the HBO Go TV everywhere service. Ziggo has been showing special apps for both iPhone and iPads that make such an on-the-go service possible.

Interestingly, Ziggo has recently announced it is to drop nationwide distribution of all regional public broadcasters and to restrict their distribution to their respective footprints. The announcement sparked some controversy among viewers, but Broadband TV News understands this might be a way to make bandwidth available for the new services.

The launch of Dutch HBO premium channels means a new competitor to Chellomedia’s Film1 bouquet. Film1 has access to titles from all major studios with the exception of Sony Pictures. Chellomedia also has contracts in place with a number of independent production companies as well as with Dutch producers.

At the moment, HBO is active in Eastern Europe with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary with Linda Jensen at the helm. The company is fully owned by Time Warner through Home Box Office Inc and operates a number of premium channels across Eastern and Central Europe.

HBO Central Europe currently provides basic and premium channels to 14 countries in the region, including: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia.

HBO CE offers five movie channels, HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, Cinemax and Cinemax2, and a digital package (HBO HD, HBO2 HD, HBO Comedy HD, Cinemax HD, Cinemax2 HD, broadcasting HBO and Cinemax programming in HD, HBO On Demand, HBO’s subscription video on demand service and HBO Go, HBO’s broadband S-VOD service).
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сообщение 25.8.2011, 16:15
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September 15 launch for KPN’s live iPad service

15.46 Europe/London, August 23, 2011 By Robert Briel

Dutch incumbent telecoms operator KPN has announced it will launch its live iPad service on September 15.
The service will be known as Interactieve TV Online and free to subscribers.

The service will be available on both iPad and on laptops and work only in the home, using a local Wi-Fi router. KPN explicitly said it will not be possible to watch the channels outside the home.

Initially there will be 20y channels available, but KPN hopes to add more in the future. The line-up will consist of Nederland 1, 2 and 3, RTL 4, RTL 5, SBS 6, RTL 7. Net 5, Veronica/Disney XD, RTL 8, National Geographic, Humor TV 24, NOS Journaal 24, 13street Universal, CNN, BBC World News, TV5, SlamTV and kids channels JimJam and Studio 100 TV (the last two only available to subscribers to the Kids Pack).

Apart from the live streaming of 20 channels, the service will also include pause live TV on the iPad and catch-up TV and VOD on the laptop. So far, the on-demand services are not available on the iPad.

A short demo of the new service can be seen on the KPN website (Note – the website is available in Dutch only)
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сообщение 29.8.2011, 12:36
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Dutch digital TV market continues growth

09.27 Europe/London, August 29, 2011 By Robert Briel

The number of digital TV connections in the Netherlands grew by 2.9% during the second quarter of this year to 5.73 million, according to Telecompaper’s quarterly update on the Dutch TV market.

The total digital TV users include 3.25 million cable TV homes that have an analogue TV connection as well. Digital TV increased its share of the entire TV market to 72%.

Ziggo is the largest digital TV provider, slightly losing market share, followed by KPN (DTT and IPTV), UPC and Canal Digitaal (Stallite DTH).

Most consumers receive digital TV via cable networks with almost 57% of digital TV connections, slightly losing market share during the quarter.

Terrestrial and satellite are second and third, both losing market share.

IPTV and FTTH were able to increase their share of the digital TV market, ending the quarter as fourth and fifth largest technologies.

Telecompaper expects an annual growth of 13% for this year, slightly lower than 15% in 2010. The growth is driven by an increasing number of operators offering triple play services, recently joined by Vodafone who will offer these services via the FTTH network.

Another driver is so-called second screen TV services enabling consumers to watch TV via their tablet, PCs or laptop as well.

KPN will introduce such service in the middle of September and both Ziggo and UPC are expected to enhance their current iPhone or iPad apps with such services as well.
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сообщение 4.9.2018, 10:18
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